Thursday, January 28, 2016

Some more Blonder-Tongue Audio Baton pictures

A family member recently gave me an envelope full of things related to my high school - certificates, grade cards, that sort of thing. Upon sorting out the papers, I came upon some more pictures of my Audio Baton restoration project. I'm not sure why these were in there ( and not in my private collection, ) other than I used their camera to take the shots. The negatives, however, are still missing...

The pictures, in order, show the restored underside of one of the chassis units, the rack case with the switching and meters ( Still like the way this turned out, the sweep on the front was pleasing to look at,) and the original cased unit. Sadly, the lettering was all scratched off for the bands, so I had to resort to a label maker. I had intentions of re-lettering them, but sold them before that happened.

The chassis itself doesn't look as nice as I remember - I guess time does make those things blurry. I do remember enjoying the rebuild process, and coming up with a tighter layout than BT's original setup.

( And yes, that's a copy of The Radiotron Designer's Handbook, 4th ed. in the bottom! )