Monday, May 23, 2016

A Pi Zero!

This past weekend, the local Micro Center got a big batch of Raspberry Pi Zero boards in stock. They currently limit them to 1 per person - but at the price of $5 per I can see why you'd want to pick up a handful.

This thing is TINY. The Ethernet adapter I used to set it up is almost bigger than the board itself. With the OTG cable attached, it literally is bigger. I can see now how they were able to attach these to a magazine as a promo piece.

Setup was pretty much standard. The Pi recognized the ancient CompUSA (!) adapter I was using, and grabbed an IP address. Configs and updates later, I decided to give it a try.

For the test, I grabbed an otterized microblog application called Pjuu, from this github repository. Running as root, it installed with no issues, and started serving right away.

Load average with a couple of users was running around 0.15 at the 15 minute mark. Not bad! I don't know how this would perform under heavy load, but for my test it worked well enough.

The only thing I wish that the Zero had was a way to permanently add a network device. I realize that the point here was to reduce the cost to the point of insignificance, but adding some pads in the shape of a purchasable network adapter would have been ideal, since these things are small enough they can fit in a wall box.

But for $5, it's really difficult to complain.