Wednesday, January 4, 2017

The energy monitor begins to take shape.

One of the interesting things the CAI board offers is some analog 10V inputs - DC of course, but this is perfect for getting some sort of data back into the system. It just so happens the clips I purchased for the energy monitor work in this range, so...we're back on!

First thing is to wrap up the board necessary to get the voltage off the current clip and into the system. Since I'm also designing a similar project for my employer, that was easy enough, and an order from OSHPark later, I have a board getting ready to be spun up (and partially paid for by said employer!)

This is the same precision rectifier circuit that I was working with last month, except the board is now laid out, a power converter chosen ( the EC3SA-12D05N from ) and other parts ordered.

Other than the power converter, it's pretty old-school. TL084 op-amps and germanium diodes, chosen for their low voltage drop. If you want to order a set of boards for yourself, the project is shared on OSHPark's website, but I would suggest waiting until I can verify I didn't do something stupid, and can get a parts list together.

I should have them in about 2 weeks. Until then...